Labrador Community Garden Inc.

Sowing the seeds of friendship and knowledge through gardening

Garden Aim


  • Establish a sustainable, non-profit, community garden in Labrador which is driven by the local community.
  • Open the garden to members of all ages and cultures on the Gold Coast and build their knowledge through workshops.
  • Encourage people to grow their own fruit and vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
  • Embrace and connect the community with common passion for growing their own food using organic gardening principles.
  • Build the garden in a place which allows an opportunity for the whole local community to be involved.
  • Educate the members on the benefits of being healthy and active while gardening.
  • We hope that the garden will give people a sense of achievement and belonging and will provide opportunities to make a difference in the community. We want members to feel proud of the garden at Labrador.